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Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

Happy Monday Lovelies,

This week I would like to start you off with the Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Style Challenge, a while ago I received an invite to be part of a bloggers style challenge. Honestly I wasn’t exactly sure whether to join in or not especially due to the fact that I like to wear what I wear when I do and also I like to steer my fashion ship my way but after much consideration I decided that a little challenge couldn’t hurt. So indeed I took the challenge, the first challenge tabled was: Print on print. You’ll have probably noticed that I don’t do print on print as much, but through this challenge  I actually realized I do have some options which I can try out sometime when I feel like taking my chances. So here is how I interpreted the print on print challenge, followed by looks from the rest of the bloggers

Lucia Musau

Gabrielle Mwangi of


Vonette of


Maureen Bandari

Maureen_ Bandari

Joy Kendi of


Mumbi Shokey of


Anita Mogere of
Anita Mogere

Anita Gaitho of

Anita Gaitho

Silvia Njoki of


Sienna Barley of


Caroline Kibati of

Caroline Kibati

Winnie  of


Be inspired!!


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