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Lucia Musau

I still remember the conversation I had with my make up artist on my wedding day, “Lucia, now we need to fix your lashes”..”fix what?” I remarked, even after much convincing I completely refused to have fake lashes on my wedding day. I couldn’t spend one of the most important days of my life with something have never had on before. So the story of fake lashes ended there, up until recently when I was doing the magazine shoot and I got the same request once again “Shall we do your lashes?” which I gave the same answer as before. After much negotiations, I agreed and like a virgin I sat quietly as the make up artist did her job. I had them for only an hour during the shoot but then I was pretty sure I will not be having them on again. After that experience, I started a fact finding mission on how to grow my lashes!

I started watching most of my friends eyes more closely and alas turns out there is a product for to grow lashes. So I asked “how come no one talks about it”..apparently almost everyone preferred that no one knew that they had used a product to grow lashes. So I thought to myself, as soon as I get my own tube I will talk about it on the blog. I would be selfish if I didn’t share. So guys  even before I talk about today’s outfit, my grande lash-MD is here and no I didn’t have to get it from abroad, I got it from Sheena Miller, she even had it dropped it my office in less than 24 hours

Grande Lash

Grande LashGrande LashGrande Lash

As per my pals recommendation, this is what will give me the spectacular longer-looking lashes have been craving in about 6-8 weeks at most 3 months. So if this is to go by, I should have my long lashes before Christmas. To my pals, I’m sorry for sharing the’s just that beauty secrets should be shared. PS you don’t have to order your Grande Lash MD from Europe and States anymore Sheena Miller delivers anywhere in Africa. Thank you Sheena, hope you don’t mind if I mention your name as well 😉 (that is if you actually read my blog)

How to wear a red tulle skirt

Now on to today’s outfit, I decided to be a bit daring, from my hair to the outfit. In as much the struggle of combing my natural hair is real, I will keep it natural for a few more days if not more. For the outfit I went for a Wambui Mukenyi tulle skirt, combined it some dashes of animal print shoes from backyard shoez and a little bag from arm-candie then Irene did my make up and nails. So lovelies, here is how to wear a red tulle skirt…

Lucia Musau

Lucia MusauLucia MusauLucia Musau

Lucia Musau


You can get your grande-lash MD from Sheena Miller here

Make up: Irene +254 722 966458

Tulle Skirt: Wambui Mukenyi

Shoes: Backyard Shoezz

Bag: Arm Candie +254 722 233754

Top: Mr. Price

Scarf: Gifted

Photography: Gabriel

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  1. Michelle Elenee says:

    Hi Lucia,

    What a nice post you did and a great read this morning while sipping my coffee. I also recently started thinking of my lashes as I apply layers of mascara to longate them. I dislike the fake lashes so much that in my opinion, I think people should never wear them. I’m excited to see the result’s. Btw, great quality pictures on this post.


  2. Lolo says:

    You look good. why is there no blog for plus-size ladies or the curvy ladies. Anyone who knows of any please share the link.

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