My 10 minutes

Lucia Musau

It’s been awhile since I blogged and were it not for my little  sister who challenged me into taking these photos it was going to take much longer. So the whole week have been singing the ‘busy’ song, that familiar song everyone sings in Nairobi. “How have you been?..been well just crazy busy” yes that same song! Without having time to schedule a proper shoot, my sister thought she should give me a dose of my own medicine. So she told me, “Lucia, how many times have you told me to work with what I have? Isn’t time you did the same?” Knowing that she was right, I sat down where I was and in less than 10 mins she took these photos. So here is what 10 mins could get me..

Lucia MusauLucia MusauLucia Musau


Lucia Musau

Photography by my lil Siz

Shoes from Backyard shoez

Bag from Arm_candie  0724 233754

Jeans Pauline Denims

Top and denim shirt Mr. Price


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