My Anairam Samot

Lucia Musau

You’ve already seen this outfit from the blogger’s challenge but today I would like you to shift your attention from the outfit to the bag. So please, allow me to introduce you; this is not just a bag, it is ‘The bag”, it’s an Anairam Samot!

A statement of quality and luxury!

Fact is, as you grow older Continue reading →

Kenyan Fashion Bloggers – Print on Print

Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

Happy Monday Lovelies,

This week I would like to start you off with the Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Style Challenge, a while ago I received an invite to be part of a bloggers style challenge. Honestly I wasn’t exactly sure whether to join in or not especially due to the fact that I like to wear what I wear when I do and also I like to steer my fashion ship my way but after much consideration I decided that a little challenge couldn’t hurt. So indeed I took the challenge, the first challenge tabled was: Continue reading →

How to grow your lashes


Lucia Musau

I still remember the conversation I had with my make up artist on my wedding day, “Lucia, now we need to fix your lashes”..”fix what?” I remarked, even after much convincing I completely refused to have fake lashes on my wedding day. I couldn’t spend one of the most important days of my life with something have never had on before. So the story of fake lashes ended there, up until recently when I was doing the magazine shoot and I got the same request once again “Shall we do your lashes?” which I gave the same answer as before. After much negotiations, I agreed and like a virgin I sat quietly as the make up artist did her job. I had them for only an hour during the shoot but then I was pretty sure I will not be having them on again. After that experience, I started a fact finding mission on how to grow my lashes! Continue reading →

My 10 minutes

Lucia Musau

It’s been awhile since I blogged and were it not for my little  sister who challenged me into taking these photos it was going to take much longer. So the whole week have been singing the ‘busy’ song, that familiar song everyone sings in Nairobi. “How have you been?..been well just crazy busy” yes that same song! Without having time to schedule a proper shoot, my sister thought she should give me a dose of my own medicine Continue reading →

Just a little bit of Lux

Lucia Musau

Happy New Month!

This month I would like to begin with some TLC (Tender Loving Care), in this city’s hustle and bustle it’s pretty much easy to forget about yourself. Between work, family, friends and maybe school sometimes you can easily forget to give yourself some much needed TLC. After I moved to the capital I used to get very easily overwhelmed, I missed my usual beach escapes back in the Coast, a barefoot walk on the sand or just a simple chilled out drink by the sea with a soft breeze to clear off the mind. So I started my search for that dose of tranquility; Continue reading →

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