Blue is the New Black

Lucia Musau

Did you get the MEMO? Just in case you missed it “blue is new black” …If there is something that have come to love, is dressing up for work. Look at it this way, out of 7 days a week at least 5 of those days you are at your work place, if you are going to wait for the weekends so you can embrace style you might end up feeling very miserable. So the idea is to bring some style in the corporate arena without of course pushing the limits, you don’t want to mess with your HR especially if your office is the conservative kind. Luckily, most offices will specify things like “loose fitting trousers” but rarely do they specify the how about a royal blue suit and in case you thinking “now where will I wear such a power suit, my current position doesn’t need me to really dress up”..Remember, “dress for the job you want not what you have”…besides it’s bound to happen right?  You can never think too big or too great..Align your actions with your thoughts…start dressing for that job!

Lucia Musau

Depending on what your day/office is like you can decide either to take a casual approach with a small top on the inside or if you are going for some serious matters you stick to button up shirts…

Lucia MusauLucia MusauLucia Musau Lucia MusauKenyan FashionadoLucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Suit: tailor made by FIFI Fashions Diamond Plaza, Nairobi 0724 944511

Top: YDE

Neck piece: Mr. price

Photography: Gabriel

Shoes: Back yard shoes


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