Meet the in-laws


Lucia Musau

I think every woman should have a dress similar to what Winston Churchill once referred to in his speech “long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest” You might wonder ‘where exactly will I need to wear such a long dress?’  Allow me to ask you one thing, “have you met your in-laws? how was it the first time you met them?” Meeting your in-laws is like going for an interview where no one tells you it’s an interview and you are not required to carry to your CV. Maybe before it was different but now with urban families where the first meeting is held at a family lunch, it all comes down to how you dress, talk and general mannerism. You want to look good yet polite, you want to be classy without being on their face and you want everybody to be convinced you are the right lady for their son. If he is the only son then you are out for a lot of scrutiny! So all I’m telling you is, if your fiance is from such a family, then you might just need a dress like this one from Street Wear Fashion…a dress long enough to show that you are a woman and short enough to show that you are a lady

Lucia Musau

Kenyan Fashionado

Kenyan Fashionado

Lucia MusauLucia Musau

Dress & Blazer from Street wear Fashion

Shoes: Backyard Shoes

Bag: (old) Manga Trends Mombasa

Photography: Gabriel



  1. lydz says:

    Loving the hair!!! The print on that dress is lovely would have loved to see it sans the jacket as well. You look great!

  2. ann says:

    I love your dress so much! I have been trying to contact Street Wear Fashion for a similar one but they won’t respond.
    I give up.
    You are soooooooo beautiful.

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