Ignite The Spark Winner


In my last post, I talked about an event to which have been invited #IgniteTheSpark. Honestly,I had no clue what sort of an event it’s going to be, besides it being a red carpet and invite only. During the week I got an email shot written “the limo awaits”..I thought “oh well, are you guys for real?” So I just chose not to reply the mail because I wasn’t sure whether this was an open invitation or just letting me know of it. Today, I got in my office to find a card, the official invite. Since I was in a rush,I quickly dropped it in my handbag so I can read it later. So a few minutes ago I remembered I hadn’t gone through the card. When I reached for my handbag, there was a fresh fragrance, a perfume which doesn’t belong to me. That’s when I realized the invitation card is scented! Then I thought to myself this is actually serious. So I called back to say thank you, just to be asked whether I had already send my RSVP for a seat in the limo. So here I am thinking, clearly I under estimated this event. I need to start looking for a dress because this is not just one of those small events, Lux is coming back with a bang!!

Now on my last post I promised to take someone with me to this event. So I did a post on my Facebook..

Kenyan Fashionado

The responses I received were completely overwhelming both as comments and messages, I was reading the other night and I was so touched, tears just rolled my cheeks. I couldn’t event manage to reply each and everyone because I lacked words. So I knelt down and prayed, prayed for all my readers who are going through different situations in their life. One thing I can tell everyone is, your situation is only temporary!!

It was very hard to pick one, but I decided on Jasmine F.K,I don’t know this lady but her response was very selfless..


Despite all she is going through she chose to nominate a friend and being a believer I remembered Luke 6:38 give and it will be given to you!!So here is to you Jasmine, I admire your character! I know you didn’t nominate yourself but I am nominating you. Kindly inbox me your email on Facebook I will send you your invite!


Thank you to all who took part, once again your situation is just temporary and believe me you will come out of it stronger than you think. Let your spark be ignited wherever you are. Have a blessed weekend!!


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