Friday look: High-low Trumpet skirt

IMG_1971 Salut tout le monde, Suddenly I’m feeling all French not exactly sure why but hey who cares, a good feeling deserves no reasons!  May be it’s this little trumpet skirt which gives me that feel or maybe when ‘Bag it’ packed this little clutch from Paris they also send that French feel or maybe its Continue reading →

Deacons Book Donation Campaign


Deacons Donate  a book campaign

Deacons will give a discount coupon to customers who donate books whose redemption value will be based on the volume of books at the selected stores. The discount vouchers can be redeemed at any participating Deacons store. The voucher is usable only once during the promotion period. The vouchers will be valid up to 16th July, 2014. See more at

Date Night with Vonette

Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Hello lovelies,

The past few weeks have been very eventful, with at least one fashion event happening every week. From Mille Collines the week before, we proceeded to FAFA last weekend and today we go for an ‘evening with Truworths’. But even before I do the  FAFA event review, I thought I should dedicate a post to this special Continue reading →

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