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Happy Social Media Day!

It is amazing what Social Media has done to our lives; imagine if there was no twitter, facebook, instagram, google + etc Think of the friends you would never have met or known and  even how long it would take you to get news were it not for social media. Now be glad you were born in the era of social media and join in celebrating social media day today #SMDAY. To celebrate this day, Chica Paris (a company which I would never have known were in not for social media) is giving you a clutch bag..handpicked  from the heart of Paris and delivered to you right here in Kenya

Chica Paris

To stand a chance to win any of these clutch bags,

1. Like Chica Paris on Facebook by clicking here

2. Follow @LuciaMusau on Instagram

3. Leave a comment below and tell us which cluth bag you like

4. Being Social Media Day; Tell us what is the one thing Social Media has done for you

5. Lastly, share this post

Chica Paris

Chica Paris

Chica Paris

Chica Paris

Chica Paris


Chica Paris

Thanks for reading and best of luck on the giveaway!!


Photography by Kings

Bags: Chica Paris


  1. Lorrien says:

    I absolutely LOVE the pink clutch bag (1st pic).
    Social media has kept me in tune with the current fashion trends and of course kept me in contact with those that I love :)

  2. Linda says:

    I loooove the purple one..too awesome!Social media has kept me updated on fashion trends,fashion blogs,it has enabled me meet new people and it has made me love taking selfies heheee

  3. Loyce Kavyatah says:

    am so inlove with the last picture…tht clutch bag looks so nice .the studs make it more interesting….social media has made my life more easy…i am a teacher and tht means i deal with many parents.most of the kids i teach their parents are digital so i have a group i created for them just incase i want to pass a common info,remind them of an event or send them pictures of some events tht happend….am so thankful to social is much better easy and interesting

  4. muthoni wangari says:

    I love the 2nd last one. who knew purple and red could blend so well? social media for me is my bread and butter because i am a social media manager. I have created very important contacts through this very same platforms

  5. Carolkim says:

    Love the Orange and blue bag. Love the colour blocking in it and i being a person who loves colour it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe
    What social media has done for me is:
    1. I have been able to follow someone like you and so many other fashion bloggers who keep me updated on the current fashion trends
    2. Have been able to meet so many of my old friends and made new contacts
    3. Lastly you can get anything and everything on social media when you want to shop

  6. wanji,wanji says:

    Wow i love all the bags it’s so hard to decide which one to go for….They look so smart and like the shinny part + the size.They’re very classy to go out with on a date or outing…..This what we i call lady-like bags simple,smart and classy for any occasion…

  7. Mercy Nduta says:

    I love the red,purple and orange clutch bags..theres something about the studs detail that is so eyecatching :-)
    Social media has greatly helped me in promoting my business mainly on instagram where i sell accessories online..Instagram is a great show-
    and-tell social media tool ., it utilizes
    hashtags to make it easier for
    like-minded people to discover
    your business and follow you.i
    This social media platform is
    great for those in the retail
    business because you can use
    it to show off new arrivals.
    Fashionistas scour Instagram
    daily in order to find new
    styles and brands. All you have to do is simply put your
    new arrivals out there and tag
    them to get people’s attention.
    Like Twitter, the more you use
    hashtags, the more you will be
    able to find people with
    similar interests who are also
    in your field. You will be able
    to network with people in your
    town and all over the world. media has helped me keep uo with current styles and trends by following fashion blogs..

  8. ciku says:

    Hi Lucia,
    I have been following you on instagram for like forever..actually following is an understatement. I stalk you everywhere!

    I love the purple/Red bag for a number of reasons.
    1.It’s colorful and i do not own any colorful bag.
    2. I can carry it as a sling bag,(for the casual day) or detach the handle and carry it as a clutch, :)

    3. I have never really won anything in my life, but there is always a first time for everything,right?
    That’s me being super hopeful.
    What has Social Media done for me? Well the biggest has to be helping me connect with fashion bloggers,like you.


  9. Claire Nasike says:

    the red and purple would complement all my outfits..screaming bold wherever i go.
    social media has helped me keep up with current fashionable styles and follow my favourite bloggers…lucia muasu being one of them.

  10. Olive says:

    I like the red and purple clutch bag. Social media has helped me reconnect with old friends, meet new friends, keep up with news and current happenings, follow fashion and interior decor blogs and market my business without the expenses that come with other ways of marketing.

  11. Nicole Ndutah Päjérø says:

    I am in love with all the clutch purses you have posted up on this blog post. My favorite purse has to be the reddish one with the studs (1st picture). That would really go hand in hand with most of my outfits. Can’t wait for it to be mine already. The one thing social media has done for me is it has made me connect more efficiently with my friends,family and followers and interact with the world in unimaginable ways. Especially through my facebook page and blog In short, Life is much more interesting with social media

  12. Cashlisa says:

    Hi Lucia :) Really need the no. 7 bag. The one in red and blue :). I got the perfect out fit for it. The best thing that social media has done for me; I reunited with my childhood sweetheart. We found out we never really got over each other. We are dating now. Long distant thing but we growing stronger everyday.

    Love Cashlisa :)

  13. Annette Mwikali says:

    Hi Lucia,
    I would appreciate the Deep Red bag.i like the color and i have some few things in my closet to match it with,so that’s mine girl.

    Well on social media is just the in thing for me,am ever at work from 8:30 am-5:00 pm,i do my online shopping,interact with most of my friends,like and follow fashion ambassador’s like you,so far am happy with it it.

    Thanks a lot,and all the best for the Good work.
    “you go girl”

  14. Mukami Vanessa says:

    hi Lucia,

    those bags look amazing! i would absolutely love the brown bag with the studs,
    i have of late been falling in love with brown accessories (bags & shoes) lol

    social media for me has been amazing…it has helped me grow and expand my business , i make and design jewelry —> so its made my marketing alittle bit easier not to mention cheaper :)

    mukami. :)

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