When The Sun Was Shining

Kente shorts

When the sun was shining

My heart was glowing

My eyes were sparkling

When I laughed it came from deep within


Now I wake up and look for that little ray

All I see a sky so dull and grey

I look in the mirror and see a reflection of the clouds

When I laugh it’s like an echo of emptiness


All I need is a ray of sunshine

If it doesn’t shine then I will light a fire

I will take my bike, cycle and run if I have to

I will do my jumping jacks and lunges too


I will not give up

I will get myself heated up

The sun will only be a bonus

Because the fire in me will keep burning


When I look up I will reflect what’s within me

When I laugh I will feel it deep in me

There shall be no more looking for the sun

I will have found my shine


Thanks for being here

I’m off to find my shine

When you see me here again

Then I will have found my shine or rather lit my fire


Wish me luck better yet say a little prayer!!!

Lucia Musau

Kente shorts

Kenyan Fashionado Lucia Musau

Kente shorts

Kente shorts

Lucia Musau

Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Kente shorts Kente shorts

Lucia Musau


Top: Mr. Price

Kente Shorts:  Tailored (Call Sarah +254 722 604899 she has the fabric and design)

Shoes & Bag (Old ones) *Despite having received an intervention I’m not done with these


    • KenyanFashionado says:

      Thanks Sarah..decided to pick up my writing from where I left..I hope its here to stay…little bit fun is always nice!!

  1. stylesketches says:

    Intervention from who? Unless it’s your hubby or best friend, pay it no mind, lol! I love the shoes and I have a black strappy pair that I wear ALL THE TIME as well so I totally feel you!

    • KenyanFashionado says:

      he he he…someone decided to put it up on my facebook wall..couldn’t help but LQTM I thought like…”oh dear..I’m only just beginning”..glad u feel me Anita x

    • maureenbandari says:

      lol,I agree.wear something until you decide by yourself that enough is enough! It’s hard to let go of a fave piece.I always carry a new bag at least five times straight before I change :)

      • KenyanFashionado says:

        hehehe just when I thought I’m the only one…someone released a memo on my facebook lol…lets hope it doesnt reach u :)

    • Gabrielle Mwangi says:

      Agreed. We buy pieces we are in love with (well, most of the time) and so it makes sense to wear them over and over. And the whole point f buying is to actually wear it. There are no set number of times to wear something..unless I missed a fashion memo.

      • KenyanFashionado says:

        hahaha..I guess it hasnt reached you Gabrielle…bust seriously I’m with you on that..the whole point of buying is wearing xx

    • KenyanFashionado says:

      I know right? is this where I go like..”see no evil hear no evil” lol..glad to know I’m not alone xx

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