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The only time  I get excited about football is during World Cup, now don’t start asking me about Manchester United or Arsenal because I have no clue and I don’t intend to go that way. But there is thing about World cup which suddenly gets even us non-football fans going. As a matter of fact have learned to celebrate world cup fashionably; I may not exactly wear the Jerseys but I definitely work around the colors, something which I enjoy. So when I got an invite to go watch the Belgian team after work at the residence, I thought how about showing some support through the dressing code. I guess I can officially say that the football fever has finally reached me and for once its beyond seeing some hot guys running on the field for 90 mins, It’s really about the game!!! However, I have to admit that if I have no affiliations with any of the teams playing then the choice as to which team I get to support depends on the players *wink

So here is how the corporate chic in me supported the Belgian team….

Corporate chicFootball meets FashionKenyan FashionadoKenyan bloggerFootball meets fashion
Lucia Musau

Kenyan fashionadoFootball meets fashion
Kenyan Fashionado

Lucia Musau
Lucia Musau

Thanks for reading and enjoy the world cup season

Skirt: Tailored Fifi Fashions Diamond Plaza

Shoes: Ebay

Top: Opposite Mkomani Post office Mombasa (cant remember the name)

Blazer: Ngara

Photography: Gabriel


  1. B Pendo says:

    You look SMASHING! and just like you the only time i get up and excited about football is in the world cup season. Haaa! so blood rushing and with this post i might just start this kinda dress up for the games and break the old jersey rule

    • KenyanFashionado says:

      Thanks B Pendo..I totally feel you on the blood rushing..you should see me celebrating a goal lol..trust me you need to try it, you are going to love it!! x

  2. Gabrielle Mwangi says:

    The genius of this look is it’s simplicity; a perfect spin on corporate style. I am totally clueless when it comes to sports and only watch for the sexy sweaty men :-)….If fashion was involved I bet I would pay more attention.

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