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Lucia Musau

Are there some days you wake up and you just want to be easy? Say on a morning when you just want to run a few errands maybe some grocery shopping; so you are on a simple tee, some tights and doll shoes. Then suddenly you get a call from a boss, colleague or even a client asking whether you can join them for a brief meeting in the cafe across. You try to explain how you are not dressed up for a meeting but again you know its important and there is no time for you to go back home and change. So you are left wondering, how do I do this? Well, well..that’s when having a nice pair of shoes in the car saves you! That’s why I always keep a pair or 2 in the car

Of course its nice to have some easy yet edgy pieces in your closet like this sweater from Bag it , it works perfectly for a casual look,while the patched shoulders give it some edge..it comes with its own front details so you don’t need a neck piece…for a day when you are just running around you can pair it with either flat shoes or boots but then keep your heels on standby just in case you decide to do 360 towards sophistication

Here are the results after I decided to give my easy look that that extra oomph…

Kenyan Fashionado

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau African Fashion Blogger

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Kenyan Fashion Blogger

Kenyan Fashionado

Kenyan Fashionado

Lucia Musau


Thanks for reading  and have a fab weekend


Tights: Quite old from Identity (Woolworths have some in stock too)

Sweater top: Bag it +254 703 729829

Shoes: Ebay

Glasses: Mr. Price

Bag: Gikomba


Photography: Gabriel




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