Friday look: High-low Trumpet skirt

IMG_1971 Salut tout le monde, Suddenly I’m feeling all French not exactly sure why but hey who cares, a good feeling deserves no reasons!  May be it’s this little trumpet skirt which gives me that feel or maybe when ‘Bag it’ packed this little clutch from Paris they also send that French feel or maybe its something thing else…whatever it is, it feels good! Anyhow, last week I received a call from Bag it Paris just to let me know that they had dispatched some bags my way. Honestly, I was excited even before I knew what they were sending, probably because I felt after Pretty n Pure from London  (see previous posts) and now Bag it Paris then I guess I should expect Milan or will it be New York? Talk about being optimistic! The good part is, Bag it has given me enough bags for all of us, so next week Inshallah I will be sharing with you one bag…look out for this give away and once you get it please let me know if you get this same French feel On to today’s post, you will probably notice I have just repeated this trumpet has a certain ‘Je ne  sais quoi’ which just makes me feel my oh my! Last time I felt I didn’t do it much justice so I decided to re-style it, here are the results and trust me you haven’t seen the end of this little high low trumpet skirt… Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Trumpet Skirt Kenyan Fashionado Lucia Musau Lucia Musau Kenyan Fashionado Trumpet Skirt Lucia Musau Lucia Musau   Thanks for reading and have a blessed weekend!!!   Photography: Gabriel Skirt: Atiat Online/whats-app 0726 146191 Shoes: Same here Sweater top: Same here Clutch bag: Bag it  / Call 0703 729829


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