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Happy Social Media Day!

It is amazing what Social Media has done to our lives; imagine if there was no twitter, facebook, instagram, google + etc Think of the friends you would never have met or known and  even how long it would take you to get news were it not for social media. Now be glad you were born in the era of social media and join in celebrating social media day today #SMDAY. To celebrate this day, Chica Paris (a company which I would never have known were in not for social media) is giving you a clutch bag..handpicked  from the heart of Paris and Continue reading →

When The Sun Was Shining

Kente shorts

When the sun was shining

My heart was glowing

My eyes were sparkling

When I laughed it came from deep within


Now I wake up and look for that little ray Continue reading →

When Football meets Fashion

Kenyan Fashion Blogger

The only time  I get excited about football is during World Cup, now don’t start asking me about Manchester United or Arsenal because I have no clue and I don’t intend to go that way. But there is thing about World cup which suddenly gets even us non-football fans going. As a matter of fact have learned to celebrate world cup fashionably; I may not exactly wear the Jerseys but I definitely work around the colors, something which I enjoy. So when I got an invite to go watch the Continue reading →

Easy Look

Lucia Musau

Are there some days you wake up and you just want to be easy? Say on a morning when you just want to run a few errands maybe some grocery shopping; so you are on a simple tee, some tights and doll shoes. Then suddenly you get a call from a boss, colleague or even a client asking whether you can join them for a brief meeting in the cafe across. You try to explain how you are not dressed up for a meeting but again you know its important and there is no time for you to go back home and change. So you Continue reading →

Event Review: FAFA 2014


Manciny Designs

Manciny Designs

On 31st I was delighted to be invited to the Fifth Edition of FAFA ( Fashion for Peace ) which took place at the  panoramic rooftop of a fabulous piece of modern architecture, The Oval. Yes I know that sounds ‘cliche’ but trust me Continue reading →

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