Fashion letter to the Campus Chic

Nairobi College Fashion


Happy Friday lovelies, Today I decided to reconnect with my younger self, the early 20’s college student just so I could write this letter. So you will have to pardon me for looking so ‘campus chic’     Dear Campus Chic, There are a few things you should know; Continue reading →

Why you should date a Fashion girl

Kenyan Fashion Bloggers

So have been reading articles every where ‘why you should date a girl who reads’ or ‘ why you should date a girl who travels’ and so forth so now lets talk about dating a fashion girl and no, not me because I’m already taken. This is for my single fashion sisters out there!!!

If you ask me, you should date a fashion is why Continue reading →

Deacons Book Donation Campaign

Deacons Donate  a book campaign

The Deacons book donation campaign is almost coming to a close and this year Deacons intends to donate the books collected to 4 schools. For purposes of continuity and relationship building, two of the schools visited in 2013 shall be re-visited to follow up on the school’s progress; usage of books and pending need for books.

Deacons Donate a Book Campaign


Deacons campaign

During the previous Deacons campaign, every book donated attracted a 10% off shopping coupon that was valid up to 31st December 2012 for an individual item purchased. The initiative ran for a period of over two months namely 22nd October – 31st December, 2012. During this period, customers will receive up to Continue reading →

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