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Happy Friday lovelies, Today I decided to reconnect with my younger self, the early 20’s college student just so I could write this letter. So you will have to pardon me for looking so ‘campus chic’     Dear Campus Chic, There are a few things you should know;

1. Dressing expensively doesn’t mean you are fashionable Having expensive clothes doesn’t translate to being stylish, so stop going hungry just so you can shop from the most expensive store. There is joy in getting a good buy from the street vendors or from Ngara Market. Just because your favorite blogger doesn’t shop there doesn’t mean she never shopped there. One day at a time!

2. Just because its in fashion doesn’t mean you have wear it Learn to have a pep talk with yourself , “that one looks good but I will pass it, thanks”

3. Have fun with fashion You are young and trust me time goes so fast, if you are 20 you will be 26 before you know it and you will begin wondering where time went. So this is your time to try out patterns and prints, you are not going to work you are going to school. Give a go at colors, textures, prints..bottom like make sure you have fun

4. You are in competition with NO ONE Its your life, your fashion, your style, be who you are, be you!! You don’t have to wear anything because the whole class is wearing it

5. Don’t try to always look older than you are There will be time enough to look older when age catches up so, right now be young, be you!!   Yours truly, The Kenyan Fashionado   In the mean time enjoy my campus chic look; leather jacket, headphones, boots and colored some coffee     Nairobi street style Lucia Musau College Fashion Kenyan Fashion Blogger Nairobi street style   Lucia Musau   Kenyan Fashion Blogger   Have a nice weekend lovelies Top thrifted from Kongowea market and a Blazer from Gikomba…its not what you buy or where you buy from, it what you do with it!! Jeans from Pauline 0710 433161 Photography by Gabriel


    • KenyanFashionado says:

      Ha ha ha…that’s the part I forgot..thanks for the reminder..I will be sure to capture it next time 😉

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