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So have been reading articles every where ‘why you should date a girl who reads’ or ‘ why you should date a girl who travels’ and so forth so now lets talk about dating a fashion girl and no, not me because I’m already taken. This is for my single fashion sisters out there!!!

If you ask me, you should date a fashion girl..here is why

You will never go to work with the wrong tie any more; yes you have probably seen a handsome guy in a well tailored suit but oops, the wrong tie. A fashion girl wont let this happen, she will notice it before you do

You don’t have to tell her what to wear to an event; if its a cocktail she knows what to wear, if its an evening she will dress up to it, if its an evening with friends she will know how to dress. So no more dressing embarrassments

You will always find something to get her on her birthday, anniversary, mothers day because there is always something affordable in Fashion even an old fashion magazine which she never got to go through will still be appreciated

You won’t have to remind her to do her fitness or eat healthy because fashion girls are dedicated on what they eat and how they look

She is informed on what is happening, because fashion is always evolving; she will always know what is happening at the other end of the world

You wont have to worry about how you look because you have an in house image consultant

Fashion girls are always willing to try out new things because Fashion in itself is always changing, so you can be sure you wont get bored

Now back to today’s post, I had a date with my fashion friend Shokey and she turned up looking fab to which I thought, wonderful!! How about a shoot for our blogs

Kenyan fashion Bloggers

Nairobi Fashion Blogger

Kenyan bloggers

Lucia Musau

Lucia Musau

Nairobi street style

Have a nice week fashion friends

Photography by Matt Masha

Blazer: Thrifted (Ngara)

Sweater: Nairobi Roadside vendors

Shirt: Fifi fashions (Diamond Plaza)

Skirt: Woolworths

Shoes & Bag: Ebay

Shokey’s blog: mumbishokey.com


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