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Hello lovelies,

First I would like to say Thank you; to every one who reads my blog, who nominated and more so who voted for at the BAKE Awards. The ceremony was last weekend and as much as I didn’t get the award, I was delighted to be there. It was a nice way to mark the end of my first year in Nairobi and even more to be among the top 5 best fashion blogs in Kenya was such a great honor. So once again, thank you to all of you for making this blog what it is today!!

On to today’s post, have you ever thought of  how you can rock leather for both day and night? Well that’s what my friend and fellow fashion blogger Mumbi shokey  and I are up to. When Shokey asked me to be part of her shoot I opted  for a re-do of Saturday’s glamour while she opted for a retro leather  look.  So I thought how convenient, she has the day look and I stick to my evening look. For the day look, Shokey went for all leather while for my evening I went for ‘hints’ of leather so I guess it’s a leather affair

Mumbi Shokey
leather day look

Mumbi Shokey

To view more of the day look, check out or rather click here

Lucia Musau

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Thank you so much Shokey and Matt for this shoot

Photography: Matt Masha

Dress: Pretty n Pure 0722 726191




    • KenyanFashionado says:

      I should probably be saying Thank God it doesn’t fit you ha ha ha…thanks so much we should do this more often x

    • KenyanFashionado says:

      ha ha I like that va va voom that’s exactly how it made me feel..even I was like ‘bring it on’

    • KenyanFashionado says:

      Oh Lucille darl, every time your name pops up I realize how long it has been..I miss you coochie coo!!!

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