The spirit of Easter lives on

Summer dress

Hello lovelies,

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and while you were enjoying I hope you remembered to share with the less fortunate. When I was growing up Easter meant several things, first there was the church service the night before; I used to be a liturgical dancer in the church so Easter masses were always very exciting. The following day we would then slaughter a goat and several chickens courtesy of my grandma, all cousins and the entire extended family would be there to feast. Nowadays, we no longer have the big feasts but instead Continue reading →

What to wear at the Coast: Romper

How to wear a romper

Greetings from the Coast

After 28 days of bikini body operation or if you prefer the ab and squat challenge…I’m now ready to share the results. My aim of taking the ab and squat challenge was to tone my legs, abs and butt, considering it is 30 day challenge I still have 2 more days to go. But then after getting this romper from Continue reading →

What to wear to an office function

kenyan fashion blogger; Lucia Musau

I really had a hard time choosing between this jumpsuit and a romper. Maybe that is due to the fact that ‘the Indian Ocean coast lives in me’ in as much as it has been almost a year since I left the Kenya’s coast, ┬áthe sun never stopped shining in me. So whenever I go shopping I find myself attracted to the things I’m more likely to wear in Mombasa than in Nairobi. But this time round, I opted for a change , this jumpsuit won me over. Immediately I tried it on, I knew where I would wear it : Continue reading →

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