Deacons Book Donation Campaign


Deacons Donate  a book campaign

As many Deacons customers and non-customers are invited to participate in the book Donation, Deacons will offer a token of appreciation in form of discount coupons to customers who donate books of varied quantities. The discount vouchers can be redeemed at any participating Deacons store
The voucher is usable only once during the promotion period
The vouchers will be valid up to 16th July, 2014
Each discount voucher shall be usable for any purchase made – regardless of amount

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  1. Isser Webstar says:

    i remember when i was you back in school, it used to feel soooo nice when our school got donors who brought books that we dint think we would ever read. and so i congratulate the pioneers of this great movement not forgetting this beautifull blog.(Thank you lucia) we have the info it is now upto Us to donate

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