The struggles of a working blogger

This week has been crazy I didn’t have time to do a proper shoot so I decided to take some photos in my backyard during my lunch break. Turned out it wasn’t a nice idea at all, first the dogs came they also wanted to be part of, I tried explaining my blog is for fashion and not dogs but they wouldn’t listen…

They kept coming back…I knew they meant well so I explained again kindly


Finally, I got a chance to sit down

But before long, Lucius came from school and my lil siz also popped in they thought its family portrait time, I had no choice but to try and smile. 


I was now getting furious, so I took one last photo or shall I say the first blog fitting photo and by then my time for lunch brake was over

Meanwhile my intention was to talk about corporate styling but looks like that will have to wait. For this look I went for, lilac top, red skirt and a black blazer.

Otherwise I’m looking forward to next week, great things happening…


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