How to wear over-sized shirts fashionably


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My obsession with over-sized shirts continues, everyday I find a new use for them. A few posts ago I utilized an over-sized/boyfriend shirt in a post What to wear the Morning After today I’m using an oversize shirt to deal with the weather swings. The weather in Nairobi is so unpredictable, you wake up in the morning thinking its going to be a beautiful day; by mid day its pouring and all chilly then an hour later its blazing hot.

Oversize shirt

Depending on where you live, sometimes you may also leave the house where its all chilly, on getting the other side of  town is completely hot and dry. If you were probably in a trench and boots you look completely out of place.  After trying to adjust to this for the 6 + months have been here, have come up with my fashionable weather survival tactics.The first one being using the over-size shirt. On a casual day, when I am putting on a strapless top I’m likely to have an oversize shirt with me.  Just in case the weather switches, I’m still sorted without going overboard





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Top: Truworths
Skirt: Woolworths (Same here)
Shirt: Bag: Ebay
Shoes: Same here

Photography: Gabriel


    • KenyanFashionado says:

      Ha ha ha…representing kao’s lolest…you know me…anything for color…glad to meet another oversized shirt lover…shall we do it like I see on movies for..A.Anonymous…so this will be O.S name is Lucia and I’m an oversized shirts addict lol

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