What to wear on a Valentine Date


Happy Valentine lovelies,

Yes its that time of the year once again, that red paints the streets from flowers, to dressing and even window displays. In as much as Valentine has been so commercialized and so many people swear not to recognize its existence as for me I think its a beautiful thing. Its those little acts of love that melt my heart,Lucius yesterday made a Valentine card for us with a bunny holding a flower and I thought how sweet, my friend organized a surprise lunch for her mum, I got a present for my  hubby, even my driver came in the morning with garden picked flowers for everyone and when I received some chocolates in the office I asked…”Can we have Valentine every Friday please”


So if  you ask me, don’t just wait to be given flowers..give…express your love..be happy be grateful…love is a great thing and it deserves to be celebrated..not to just today but every day…Happy Valentine to you all and Happy Valentine to you Mr. B, I love you! If you are looking for what to wear on a Valentine date night…make it special, make it grande, make it sexy…feel the love. As for me I choose to wear this custom made gown by Galina Tatarinova a Russian designer based in Kenya with an amazing talent…



Gown:  Custom made by A designer from Kenya Galina Tatarinova

Shoes: Identity

Clutch: Kache Clothing


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