What to wear the Morning After


Hello lovelies,

You are probably wondering about the title of this post, what to wear the morning after…so picture this; you are going out on a Friday night. You are on your favorite party dress, a little bag with your essentials all ready for the night with your friends. You choose to take a cab instead of driving because you don’t have a designated driver.


As the night unfolds you decide to crash on your bf’s place or even your gf’s place whom you are not exactly the same size. You normally don’t carry the ‘all in one’ kind of bag for an evening out so you wake up and you are wondering how am I supposed to get home in this little dress, your eyes have a “hangover” story to tell in the morning, you don’t have your weave spray so cant even begin combing your hair

So this is what you do:
Get your bf’s/gf’s oversize shirt, wear it on top of your party dress
Refresh your make up
Convert your scarf into a head wrap (hoping you had carried a scarf for the cold; if you didn’t, that house cant miss anything that can serve as one)
Some sunglasses and you are ready for a fashionable morning after


Dress: Gifted by my friend Mariah (Follow MariahMusyoki on Instagram for some awesome rings)
Shoes: Identity
Bag: Thrifted
Scarf: Gifted by Nassiim
Denim Shirt: Mr. Price
Red beads: Kazuri

Photography: Gabriel


  1. Faith M Kioko says:

    omg this is amazing, ure looking moa than hot and the story abt wat to do wen u get ureself in a situation wea u dnt hve sumthing to change, nice one.

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