What I wore: Colors and Patterns

Summer Brights
Happy Friday Everyone!!!

It’s that day of the week that you feel you should do “happy dance”…this week has been so and so…some ups and downs but again its kind of usual. Good thing I have been able to keep up with my yoga (meditation) and exercises, every morning with my 2 supporters i.e. Lucius(my son) & Kimmy (my dog). So the normal schedule is I get up, browse a bit of Instagram find out what happened when I was asleep, after which I then proceed to do my exercises. Immediately I pull my exercise mat, Kimmy joins in (she probably thinks its play time)…after a few mins of exchanging morning pleasantries with Kimmy…Lucius wakes up…once again pleasantries!! The only way to move forward from this is to incorporate both of them in the schedule, so Lucius and I start up with stretches which he does with ease while Kimmy paces around. The challenge starts when we have to lie flat because the exercise mat is only one, everyone wants parts of it so I guess if I need to progress smoothly I need 2 extra mats for both them, who knew dogs would also be into morning exercises…

Now back to today’s post colors and patterns, owing to where I come from I love colors, if you are Kenyan you will probably understand that a kao has to be colorful otherwise something is missing. I mean you are not a kamba enough unless you can make a rainbow with your closet (no pun intended). So for today its stripes and mustard, a color have come to love and so I’m going to experiment a lot with it




pencil skirt


Photos: Gabriel

Pencil skirt: Tailored
Neckpiece: YDE South Africa
Top: Happy Fashions (0707 687794)
Shoes: Instyle
Glasses: Mr. Price
Bag: Woolworths



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