What to wear the Morning After


Hello lovelies,

You are probably wondering about the title of this post, what to wear the morning after…so picture this; you are going out on a Friday night. You are on your favorite party dress, a little bag with your essentials all ready for the night with your friends. You choose to take a cab instead of driving because you don’t have a designated driver. Continue reading →

What I wore: Colors and Patterns

Summer Brights
Happy Friday Everyone!!!

It’s that day of the week that you feel you should do “happy dance”…this week has been so and so…some ups and downs but again its kind of usual. Good thing I have been able to keep up with my yoga (meditation) and exercises, every morning with my 2 supporters i.e. Lucius(my son) & Kimmy (my dog). So the normal schedule is I get up, browse a bit of Instagram find out what happened when I was asleep, after which I then proceed to do my exercises. Continue reading →

A kitenge Friday


Hello lovelies,

Hope you had a beautiful week and you are now ready for your weekend. My week has been pure been pure madness, lots of proposals and project plans to write. That explains why you haven’t seen me here. As I left work yesterday, I thought to myself I cant keep going on with this crazy work schedule otherwise I am going to loose it. So immediately I made plans to blog today but then my challenge was, how am I going to look after such a stressful week… Continue reading →

2013 Review

Happy New Year!!!


Yes its January 8th and I haven’t done my 2013 review…comes with going away for holidays and keeping off computers.  Before I jump to the new year and start offloading more of the holiday photos like the one above (with Betty) allow me to post some of the outfits I loved in 2013 both from Lucius and I, some made it to the blog others only made it to facebook. I will do 12, one for each month Continue reading →

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