What I wore: Lace details



It’s amazing how old fashion keeps coming back, I’m pretty sure if I go into my grand mother’s closet I won’t miss something lace or better yet every other Kenyan 24 years + will probably remember the days which every home had lace sheers. Oh God, even as lace makes a huge come back let it not go back in the living rooms the same way, that was scary! But of course wedding gowns and lingerie have been able to uphold laces since time memorial, so I  guess when we talk about lace come back its more of tops and dresses in lace. I especially love how when mixed with just a simple chiffon its able to transform it from plain to feminine… Continue reading →

Kenyan Ladies: Take notes from Lupita Nyong’o


Since the premiere of 12 years a slave, Lupita Nyong’o has become a household name from Hollywood to Kenya. When I look back at all the photos have seen of her on the red carpet and fashion spreads, I cant help but think we Kenyan ladies need to take notes. Continue reading →

Classic yet timeless: Red and polka dots



Happy Wednesday,

Today marks the beginning of my exams so before I get buried in books, here is yesterday’s look; polka dots and red. A rather classic yet timeless look, the thing about polka dots is that they don’t go out of fashion so they are pretty easy to play around with, then there is red a major confidence booster. Paired together this is the result… Continue reading →

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