Customer care review: Samsung

Happy Tuesday lovelies,

Nice to be back after my laptop gave me a compulsory break, last week my Samsung ultra book crashed. Hard to imagine after less than 6 months of service.

samsung ultrabook

About six months ago I set on a journey, a journey to find the perfect laptop for me. The laptop had to be chic, stylish, portable, slim, fast with all necessary ports ,have an optical drive, long battery life and most importantly good performance. The search wasn’t easy considering most of the slim laptops don’t have an optical drive, that was until I found the Samsung ultrabook 530U4C which fitted all my descriptions.

Next, I started comparing prices and I found the best price at PC World Kenya (Westlands) I got it and I was happy up until last week when it crashed, I went back to PC World with my warranty, I left the laptop so they could have a look only to be called a few hours later “We have a diagnosis, your O.S is faulty and we are afraid that is not covered by the warranty”

I was furious, so you sell to me a laptop which comes with pre-installed Windows 8 but incase this develops a problem its not covered. So I told them to send me the full diagnosis and a pro-forma invoice so I can have a look

“Dear Lucia,

The full diagnosis of your laptop has been done and the results is as follows.

–          There is no hardware or firmware damage to your computer.

–          Your operating system has crashed due to severe corruption

–          Your data can be recovered as u had earlier requested

Your quotation is as follows


TOTAL (incl VAT)

Data recovery


Windows 8 Reinstallation &   Configuration




I was ok with the Data recovery but definitely not the Windows 8 Reinstallation, so I called Samsung customer care, the brand I have come to love but now my love was getting tested. With at least 3 devices from Samsung I was expecting proper customer service, not only did I call I also ‘tweeted’ them and so they asked me to take it to their service center in Westlands.

So I walked in to PC World Westlands to collect my laptop, shock on me I was getting charged an extra Kshs 1500 for diagnosis. I didn’t want to  argue so I paid and left for Samsung. At Samsung, there was a slight cue so I had to wait for around 7-10 mins then I got served by a gentleman by the name Oscar. Although it was going to take 7 days I left the Samsung feeling better. Before the end of the day, I got a call from Samsung that they had done a diagnosis and my hard disk was faulty so they were going to replace it at no cost.

To cut the long story short, I have my laptop back. Pleased to say it look less than 7 days to get sorted and all within the Samsung warranty.

Now a note to PC World Kenya: There is no point for you to  advertise if you cant keep your current customers happy and I still don’t understand why you gave me a wrong diagnosis. Work on your customer services but up until then, I’m no longer your customer

Note to Samsung: In me, you have a satisfied customer. Totally impressed by your customer service keep up with the good work and be very wary of resellers like PC World Kenya who could tarnish your brand name

PS: In the middle of writing  I just got a call from Samsung Customer care to check whether my device was well sorted. Now that is what I call good customer care

In the mean time lets go back to Fashion



Photography by Gabriel

Top and Skirt: Me

Shoes: Nine West


  1. Kenince E'm says:

    A quick one Lucia…on the tech talk…have you confirmed if the Windows 8 installation you got is genuine? Samsung installed for me a counterfeit OS and right now I can’t activate it.

    • eluh says:

      Hey Ken, So sorry to hear. They asked me whether they can replace the windows 8 with windows 7 to which I agreed so now I’m using windows 7. Except something is up again because my comp keeps crash dumping all the I guess I will be going back there

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