What I wore: Floral blazer


Happy Monday lovelies,

Hope you had a lovely weekend, today I’m going back to my weekend outfit. Floral blazer and my little green dress,looking colourful and feeling the same. As the weather continues to get chilly in Nairobi I’m going to miss this kind of dressing. Sad that most parts of the continent are on summer while we are getting into winter but again the Nairobi winter has little breaks of sun Continue reading →

What I wore: layers of stripes


Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening

Allow me to wish all that at once, besides I no longer no what time it is in Nairobi especially in this weather. Yes, I finally made the big decision to move from Mombasa to Nairobi trust me it wasn’t easy. You have probably heard the Swahili saying which says “getting in Mombasa is like a wedding while getting out is one sad affair”…but again a lady has got to do what she has to do. Continue reading →

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