Back to work: A Peplum affair

Happy New Year!


I can’t believe its 2013 already, nowadays time seems to go so fast that I can’t even explain, back in the days when I was young I would wait for so long to get to before I know it its a New Year! I guess its part of growing up..anyhow I have a good feeling about 2013 and I intend to make the best of it.

Now back to fashion, I’m starting off this year in a peplum top. Since I first came across the peplum trend I was ‘totally sold’, I even took time to read about the trend. Apparently it goes back to the 19th century and now in the 21st century here comes the peplum once again! They say history repeats itself, I guess fashion does too!

I was beginning to get disappointed when I couldn’t get the trend in Mombasa (unbelievable, huh?) yes these sides trends come in at a snail pace, I can bet u to this day there is no shop which has peplums in stock and that’s sad! So you can imagine my relieve when I got more than I could ask for in SA, I just couldn’t wait to blog it! So on the first day to work I decided to rock it and it was as if it had a good luck charm coz I met 2 photographers on the same day. So I did 2 shoots one before work and one after, the evening one turned out better! As much as both the photographers were awesome I’m not really a morning person so evening shots work best for me. Here are the evening shots with Alex…




pic7Peplum top : YDE (young designers emporium)

Skirt: Valley girl

Shoes: Identity

Bag: Woolworths

Necklace: YDE

Shoes: Identity

Photographer: Alex

Have a good day and talk to you soon!!


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